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No. Name Start Date Type
2395Italian, Intermediate09/29/2016Languages for Adults
2721Creative Writing for Fun - A Smorgasbord of Writing Fun09/19/2016Writing and Publishing
2397French, Intermediate09/20/2016Languages for Adults
2096Blown Glass Ornament Making11/28/2016Crafts and Fine Arts
2714Driver Education Fall IV12/26/2016Driver Education
2093Stone Carving Workshop09/14/2016Crafts and Fine Arts
2091Maine Artists, 1945-Present: In our Lifetimes10/18/2016Crafts and Fine Arts, Village University
6005Charge Card Credits
2001Smart Choices in Divorce10/04/2016Business-Career-Law
2292Is This Any Way to Elect a President?10/06/2016History and Religion, Village University
2421Accessible Shakespeare: Believing Is Seeing10/04/2016Literature and Reading Groups,Village University
2362Are You Retiring or Rewiring? 10/18/2016Human Relations-Personal Growth
2056CCTV Orientation and Getting to Know the CamerasCCTV Video Production
2031Photoshop Basics09/19/2016CCTV Video Production
2033Adobe Premiere I09/30/2016CCTV Video Production
2035Adobe Premiere II10/17/2016CCTV Video Production
2038Field Camera I09/20/2016CCTV Video Production
2040Field Camera II10/14/2016CCTV Video Production
2043Blogging 10112/05/2016CCTV Video Production
2045How to Produce for Film or TV12/06/2016CCTV Video Production
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