Peaceful Mindful Yoga

Course Number: 2273 Fee: $120
Category: Health and Wellness
Location: Starfish Dance and Yoga, West Concord
Start Date:09/26/2016
End Date:11/14/2016
Time: 4:00-5:30 PM
Instructor:John Calabria
Instructor Bio:Years ago John left a successful engineering career to do what he loves. He is helping people feel more at home in their bodies and happier in their lives through the teachings of Yoga and mindfulness. He has taught thousands of classes to thousands of people. He loves to see students leave class feeling uplifted and self-empowered, taking charge of their health. Read more about John's journey at www.YogaWithJohn.com
Filled?:TBD Cancelled?:N
Add'l Information:classes meet on holidays and vacation weeks

Course Description:

Medical study after study prove that the ancients were right! Yoga is one of the very best ways to increase health, happiness and overall well-being. A quick web search will show Yoga for just about everything, and it is offered everywhere. Why Peaceful Mindful Yoga? We’re not that hard - fast - workout yoga so many are doing these days. We are offering Yoga as it once was with mindful movement through peaceful postures with lots of breathing. The benefits begin right away, within the first few calming breaths of the session. In time students shed stress and extra pounds, drop medications, strengthen muscle and bones, sleep better, regulate blood pressure, and make headaches history with a lasting sense of well being that just doesn’t happen with conventional exercise. A unique theme is woven through each class that offers Yogic philosophy and life lessons that can help us live happier - freer lives, and feel more connected and in control of our daily lives. Modifications on the positions are taught. Some students do more, some less. If you can breathe - you can do this Yoga. In our increasingly busy times, knowing how to relieve stress is becoming more and more important to our health and quality of life. If you’re brand new to Yoga or just getting started with exercise please sign up for the Monday 6 PM class, you can always switch to any of the other classes if you like. The instructor is flexible about switching to other class times for make-ups if you need to. For directions to the studio, answers to frequently asked questions, how you can sample a class before the session begins, and help picking a class, please visit this webpage before signing up for the class: www.YogaWithJohn.com/CAE Release form required.

Course Disclaimer:

While it is the aim and responsibility of your instructor to provide an enjoyable and safe learning experience, you the participant must realize that there is a certain degree of risk that you must assume when you participate in a class of this nature. You will be supervised in order to facilitate your safety and well being. You will not be asked to do anything that is inconsistent with the activity or is in any way unreasonable or imprudent. Nonetheless, you must determine what kind of activity is appropriate and safe for you personally, and be responsible for those decisions. It is impossible to guarantee absolute safety. Consequently, you must understand and agree to assume responsibility for your safety. You must call to the attention of the instructor any situation that you perceive as potentially hazardous to yourself or anyone in the group. Please discuss with your instructor any known physical or mental problems that may limit or endanger your participation in this activity. This is strictly for your protection and confidentiality will be respected. Please confirm with your electronic signature that you have read this information and understand your responsibility as a participant, and that you assume all of the risks incidental to a course of this type; further, that you will follow the instructions and directions given by your instructor(s), act prudently and use good judgment. I agree to hold harmless the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District and/or its employees or other representatives from claims of liability from any accident that may occur.

This class has already started. Please call the office at (979) 318-1432 or email ace@concordps.org with any questions or concerns.

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